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Cubic Zirconia Citrine Yellow Round
Cubic Zirconia Citrine Yellow Round is made from a a man-made composition that simulates Diamonds. Due to a hardness of 8.5 and modern technical advances, Cubic Zirconia Citrine Yellow has become a in demand high quality, inexpensive, beautiful gemstone. The cubic zirconia citrine yellow round brilliant shape is a very popular product with jewelry designers. Our CZ citrine yellow round is unique and beautiful.
Color Shape
cubic zirconia citrine round Cubic Zirconia Citrine Round shape
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  2mm round, 500pc lot$28BUY IT
  2.25mm round, 500pc lot$30BUY IT
  2.50mm round, 500pc lot$36BUY IT
  2.75mm round, 500pc lot$44BUY IT
  3mm round, 500pc lot$49BUY IT
  3.25mm round, 500pc lot$51BUY IT
  3.50mm round, 250pc lot$27BUY IT
  3.75mm round, 250pc lot$30BUY IT
  4.50mm round, 200pc lot$28BUY IT
  4.75mm round, 200pc lot$29BUY IT
  5mm round, 200pc lot$38BUY IT
  5.50mm round, 200pc lot$39BUY IT
  8.50mm round, 50pc lot$26BUY IT
  9mm round, 50pc lot$33BUY IT
  10mm round, 50pc lot$40BUY IT
  12mm round, 25pc lot$34BUY IT
  13mm round, 25pc lot$39BUY IT
  14mm round, 15pc lot$25BUY IT
  30mm round, 2pc lot$29BUY IT
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