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Cubic Zirconia and Lab Gems Overstock

Important Information About Cubic Zirconia, Lab Created Gems Overstock:

All items of Cubic Zirconia and Lab Created Gems Wholesale Overstock are in perfect condition. The quality of every gem listed is "A "or higher as shown.

Cubic Zirconia Lab Created Gems Wholesale Overstock
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  Cz Champagne, 13x13mm, heart, 50pc lot$68BUY IT
  Cz Violet, 4x4mm, Trillion, 1000pc lot$102BUY IT
  Cz Champagne, 4x9mm, Marquise, 400pc lot$112BUY IT
  Cz Champagne, 13x18mm, Marquise, 40pc lot$69BUY IT
  Cz Champagne, 8x16mm, Marquise, 100pc lot$105BUY IT
  Cz Citrine, 3x5mm, Oval, 750pc lot$78BUY IT
  Cz Citrine, 12x12mm, Heart, 80pc lot$74BUY IT
  Cz Citrine, 2.5x5mm, Marquise, 1000pc lot$93BUY IT
  Cz Citrine, 7x14mm, Marquise, 160pc lot$82BUY IT
  Cz Peridot, 13mm, Round, 100pc lot$109BUY IT
  Cz Violet, 13mm, Round, 100pc lot$99BUY IT
  Cz Violet, 14mm, Round, 60pc lot$70BUY IT
  Cz Violet, 6x12mm, Marquise, 200pc lot$71BUY IT
  Cz Violet, 3x5mm, Pear, 750pc lot$75BUY IT
  Cz White, 10x10mm, Trillion, 100pc lot$78BUY IT
  Cz Padparadschah, 5x5mm, Square, 800pc lot$114BUY IT
  Cz Citrine Yellow, 10x10mm, Heart, 160pc lot$73BUY IT
  Cz Amethyst, 8x16mm, Marquise, 100pc lot$92BUY IT
  Cz Lavender, 20x25mm, Octagon, 20pc lot$133BUY IT
  Cz Lavender 2.75, mm, Round, 1000pc lot$66BUY IT
  Ca Lavender, 3.25mm, Round, 1000pc lot$79BUY IT
  Cz Peridot, 13x13mm, Trillion, 100pc lot$116BUY IT
  Cz Padparadschah, 8x10mm, Pear, 200pc lot$73BUY IT
  Cz Amethyst, 9x11mm, Pear, 200pc lot$119BUY IT
  Cz Lavender, 3.75mm, Round, 500pc lot$90BUY IT
  Cz Lavender, 5.25mm, Round, 1000pc lot$123BUY IT
  Cz Lavender, 5.75mm, Round, 500pc lot$142BUY IT
  Cz Padparadschah, 9x11mm, Oval, 200pc lot$123BUY IT
  Cz Pink, 6x6mm, Square, 500pc lot$88BUY IT
  Cz Champagne, 4.75mm, Round, 400pc lot$64BUY IT
  Cz Champagne, 5.25mm, Round, 400pc lot$78BUY IT
  Cz Peridot, 8x16mm, Marquise, 200pc lot$133BUY IT
  Cz Pink, 4x8mm, Marquise, 600pc lot$90BUY IT
  Cz Lavender, 12mm, Round, 100pc lot$96BUY IT
  Cz Padparadschah, 5x5mm, Heart, 800pc lot$108BUY IT
  Cz Violet, 8x10mm, Pear, 200pc lot$92BUY IT
  Lab Ruby, 2x4mm, Marquise, 1000pc lot$99BUY IT
  Lab Ruby, 2.50x5mm, Marquise, 500pc lot$79BUY IT
  Cz Padparadschah, 4x4mm, Square, 1200pc lot$109BUY IT
  Cz Peridot, 10x10mm, Trillion, 200pc lot$125BUY IT
  Cz Lavender, 5x10mm, Marquise, 300pc lot$90BUY IT
  Cz Violet, 5x5mm, Square, 600pc lot$98BUY IT
  Cz Aqua, 3x5mm, Octagon, 400pc lot$73BUY IT
  Cz Aqua, 4x4mm, Trillion, 600pc lot$117BUY IT
  Cz Amethyst, 4.75mm, Round, 400pc lot$70BUY IT
  Cz Amethyst, 9x9mm, Heart, 200pc lot$93BUY IT
  Cz Amethyst, 4x9mm, marquise, 300pc lot$78BUY IT
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